Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.3

Download Microsoft Toolkit Activator

After installing the operating system Windows 10, within 30 days, you need to activate it. Otherwise, the user will encounter inconveniences: the desktop will be notified of the need to activate, it will not be possible to configure personalization, the computer will automatically reboot after several hours of operation.

For many people, the cost of the key for the operating system is very high, so they are forced to use special programs to install the license. In this article, you will learn how to use the Microsoft Toolkit activator.

What is this program?

One of the most popular activators for the Windows operating system is Microsoft Toolkit. It is suitable for inexperienced users, because for activation it will be necessary to press a few keys. In order not to be afraid of various viruses, errors or loss of personal data from the hard disk, you can download this utility from our website completely free of charge.


The program has several tools for managing, deploying and removing Microsoft products. Upon startup, it checks which version of the operating system and Office is installed on the computer, and then selects the best option for installing the license.

The program also has the following features:

  1. If it did not work in one way, it will automatically correct the error and re-activate it by another method.
  2. Output of detailed information about the operating system or Office – which key is activated, when the license expires, which version is installed.
  3. Convert Retail to Volume license.
  4. Backup an existing license, which after reinstallation will enable you to quickly restore the activation.
  5. Installation and configuration of KMS-server. You can configure the server automatically and manually.
  6. Automatic re-activation of Microsoft products after the expiration of the key.

The program is suitable for activating Windows, starting with Vista. Activation Microsoft Office is available for the 2003 version and newer. To run it, you must have the Microsoft .NET Fraemwork 4.0 service pack installed on your computer. For Windows 10, this is not a problem, because the package is built-in automatically.

The following advantages of Microsoft Toolkit can be distinguished:

  1. Unlike other programs for installing a license, Microsoft Tulkit is absolutely safe and displays all the actions performed on the command line.
  2. Works with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft products.
  3. The simplicity of the interface, thanks to which even an inexperienced user will understand with the activator.
  4. All actions are performed automatically.


After downloading the program, open the .exe file in Administrator mode. After that, a small window will appear with the information console. From the bottom there are two buttons for selecting a product: OS or Office.

After selecting the product, the main window will open. There are 4 tabs in the top panel. The first “Main” tab contains version information and information about whether the utility is supported for activating this assembly.

The second tab contains the main tools for working with the operating system license. Here you can select the type of activation, and enable some other functions. You can activate Windows in one of the following ways: by removing the license validation service, by traversing the mechanism that verifies the presence of the key or by installing the KMSauto server.

The third tab has algorithms for activating Microsoft products without interfering with the system. To do this, you need to specify the version and build of your operating system, then select the appropriate activation code, thus replacing its purchase.


In the fourth tab, the user can create backup copies of licenses and restore them from the storage that is on the hard drive.

How to activate?

To activate Windows, you must:

  1. Run the program with administrator rights.
  2. In the “Activation” tab, click on the “EZ-Activator” button.7th
  3. After that, the activation process will begin, which will take several minutes. All the operations performed will be written to the command line, which is located at the bottom.
  4. To check whether the activation was successful, click on the “Check” button.
  5. If you can not activate Windows, you need to do it in another way.

Should I disable the antivirus?

Because Microsoft Tulkit is a program for the illegal activation of Microsoft products, the antivirus can issue a threat message. If you downloaded it from our site, you can safely disable the protection before the activation. After installing the license, enable antivirus protection back, while adding the program to the list of exceptions.

Delete the program after activation?

The activation of Microsoft products using Microsoft Toolkit is carried out for a period of 180 days. The key can be deleted earlier, for example, when installing some updates. If you enable the corresponding function, the system will automatically pass the validation. If you do not want to waste your time downloading Microsoft Tulkit again and activation, it is recommended not to delete it. It does not take resources from the computer, it does everything in an automatic mode.

Download for free

Microsoft Toolkit is the optimal set of tools for verifying licenses, activating and copying keys for the Windows and Office operating system. The program performs all the actions automatically. Before starting the activation, you need to disable the antivirus protection.

Otherwise, the procedure takes only a few minutes and requires a minimum of user action. Download the latest version of Microsoft Toolkit on our site absolutely free.